Mr.Andrew Barkla IDP教导集团首席履行官&总经理 Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director

Andrew Barkla was appointed CEO and Managing Director of IDP Education in August 2015.

Andrew has extensive experience in the technology, services and software industry, with over 20 years of senior management experience in roles across Australia, New Zealand, Asia and North America.

Prior to joining IDP Education, Andrew worked for SAP as the President of Australia and New Zealand. Prior to his role at SAP, Andrew was the Vice President of Unisys’ Asia Pacific Japan operations covering 13 countries, a member of Unisys’ Global Executive Committee and the Chairman of Unisys West – a technology services joint venture between BankWest and Unisys.

Early in his career, Andrew was the Vice President and General Manager of PeopleSoft’s Asia Pacific region prior to the company’s acquisition by Oracle. He was also the Managing Director of various other companies in the technology, services and software industry.

2015年8月,Andrew Barkla被录用为IDP教导集团首席履行官兼总经理。


Andrew的职业经历非常出色。在参加IDP教导集团之前,他比来的一份任务是跨国公司SAP公司的澳新总裁。而在这之前,他还曾担负过优利体系公司亚太与日本线副总裁,营业涵盖13个国度,兼任Unisys West公司(优利体系与西澳银行合伙的技巧办事型企业)董事长,并是优利体系全球履行委员会成员。


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